Best international school of healing

Best International School of Healing

If people think of "energetic medicine," they think of the "well-being world." All those activities that focus on the healing of the human "energy body," whether acupuncture, Reiki, angel medicine healing . It is noteworthy that Western medicine and ancient medicines, including traditional Chinese medicines, Ayurveda, shamans, have revolved around a distinct radical human body concept and curative practice Nothing was more popular than antique energy treatments, be it Ayurvedas or shamanic, in current wellness land, of course. The cynicism of the critics only matches the urgency with which individuals appear to "repair" their energies, criticizing all of this New Age, the well-being. Better to think like an anthropological, and question, what do you want so enthusiastically... and why? Though intriguing, thousands of years and miles apart, the major indigenous medicine systems have evolved independently therapeutic techniques based on body as an area of energy. They argue that the vital energy regulates our corporal and intellectual processes, and that health and healing comes through manipulation of the flow of energy through our bodies at particular power spots and balance the body's electromagnetic field. There are several forms of energy treatments, some using light, sound and magnets. These are generally simple to measure therapies. Other energy therapies are "designed to impact fields of energy supposedly surrounding and penetrating the human bodies," such healing touch, Reiki, Qigong or therapeutic touch. Those therapies cannot be measured or investigated as readily. Although the outcomes of these treatments have not been quantitatively reliably quantified, measurable effects have been witnessed in 100s of cases

Introduction to energy medicine

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The word chakra refers to the many vortices of energy which permeate not only the aura but also the actual body. There are 7 major chakras, 22 minor chakras and many less. Others are disclosed over time. Of the smaller chakras, those located in hand palms and feet are the most popular chakras in usage.
The chakras are generally sensed more easily than seen. The best method to feel them is to hold your hand a few centimeters apart from your body. The existence of clothes doesnt restrict the energy or facility with which it is sensed, thus any garment for healing is seldom to be removed.
You can feel a delicate shift, as a gentle coil, as the aura of one hand touches the aura of the other, if you keep your hands opposite you and palms face one another around 8 inches apart, then draw them very little and slowly towards each other. Why dont you experiment with this notion and enjoy finding it? The chakras are so delicate that they are not affected
Chakra 1—Root Chakra or Base chakra
At the base of the spinal cord, between the pelvic bone and coccyx, the chakra is red in hue. Its principal purpose is to keep us rooted and live in the physical world. Its related to bodily feeling. The physical is also connected with the primary layer of the aura.
Chakra 2-sacral chakra
This chakra is situated underneath the navel on the middle line. It is orange in color, and its major task is reproduction, sexual enjoyment and the receipt. Emotional is likewise connected with the second layer of the aura
Sun Plexus-Chakra 3 Chakra
The solar plexus lies in the middle or slightly above the belly to the left. Yellow is its colour. We develop an opinion on this site. This is the power, power and will center. Mental functions are connected to the third layer of the aura.
Chakra 4 – Chakra of the heart
This is sometimes called a transitional chakra, as the lower three are physically and emotionally involved, and so we start to go towards the spiritual. The heart connects both realms and is the focus of human love. It is also an emotion center and its color is green smart. The astral plane is its layer (see Glossary). 5-Throat Chakra Chakra
This chakra, as its name indicates, is at the neck and part of the Divine world. The well-developed throat chakra enables us to express our truth with confidence, to listen and not to judge. Our ethics and vocation are at home there. Blue or turquoise is its colour. The etheric body is the fifth layer.
Chakra 6 — Chakras Brow
This leads us into the heavenly and loving things which overcome earthly love. It is in the spiritual sense the location of clear perception. The heavenly body is the related layer of this chakra. It is deep-blue or violet colour.
Chakra 7 — Chakra Crown
The crown chakra, located on the top of the head, is our connection to the divine.

The Chakras Of Healing

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